Mini Peers Group for Ramona’s Disabled Kids

Written by on October 21, 2015

IMG_4523As many of you may know from listening to me on Ramona Podcast, I have a disabled son. Yep, my son is severely disabled with cerebral palsy. Hes 18, in good health, and has the best personality ever. But I’m not writing about my son here. The point of this is that there are many other parents out there in Ramona with children who have disabilities.

The thing about having a child with a disability is obviously, they have a disability. They aren’t like your “normal” child who can just go hang out with their friends, go to somebodies house and hang out; or be left alone for anything. A parent with a child who has special needs doesn’t just let them go out and “hang out” with friends. Its because the parent knows the limitations of their child and the parent is the primary care giver; who knows exactly how to treat their child. So the sad thing is, many disabled kids don’t get to be “normal” and go hang out by themselves.

Luckily, there is a mini peers group here in Ramona and we are trying to get more disabled kids and parents involved. Its really cool! Once a month the group meets up somewhere whether it be to hang out or go to a business to learn a few things. We’ve gone to the fire stations, post office, sheriffs station, and Kahoots; to name a few. These awesome kids have even come over here to learn about radio broadcasting.

The whole point of this group is to hang out (outside of school), with their friends, have a great time; and feel somewhat normal. Its really a great thing to do and a ton of fun.

We meet up the last Wednesday of every month. This month on the 28th, we are going to Ramona Mountain Valley Ranch to get some pumpkins and have fun. If you have a disabled child, we would LOVE to have you with us. We have an event calendar with more information. CLICK HERE to download it. We hope you come out and meet some new friends.

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  1. michelle   On   November 6, 2015 at 9:44 pm

    My daughter is a Peer tutor at the highschool. She is looking into volunteering outside of the highschool and I was wondering if she would be welcome at your meetings or if it is only for families with special needs. And if you knew of any places that she could do some volunteering. Thank you

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