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Written by on October 23, 2015

group1Ever hear of “Challenger” cheer or football? Well, it is a really neat thing for disabled kids where they get to play sports and interact just like people that aren’t disabled. We were contacted by some really neat people that support this program to see if we could help spread the word that they need to raise $40,000 to go to Florida for the Nationals.

First off, I want to give a great big CONGRATULATIONS to these fine young people for making it there. Because of their hard work; Ramona Town Radio really wants to help and support them, and we hope you will too.

Here’s what they say on their GoFundMe page…

“We are raising money for this special team of cheerleaders to get to the Nationals competition in Florida! We are the only local Challenger cheer team in San Diego that supports kids from ages 5 through 18 with a varity of disabilities. These girls get experience in something that they enjoy while building friendships, confidence, and comradery. Help support your favorite cheerleaders! Your donations will make our STARS shine brighter than ever”!

Through my email with with their coach Alexis, this is what she tells me…

“We need 1000 per person which means one girl or boy with one parent for each kid and 5 coaches on cheer and 4 coaches on football. Which it all adds up to a lot when you have 15 girls and 14 boys. We have a set of twins on our cheer team which only needs 1 parent for both girls and we have another set of twins who also need one parent but one girl is on the cheer team and the other girl is on the football team”.

So how can you help these awesome kids get to the Florida Nationals like they deserve? There are a few ways to help actually. You can go to their Go Fund Me account to donate, lots of people are and they have already received $2,085 as of now. There is also a Pampered Chef fundraising campaign going too. If you like the Pampered Chef fundraising idea, you better hurry because it says orders need to be placed by October 31st.

Here is a cool video from their Go Fund Me account

They also have a Facebook group you can join to help support them and spread the word.

So do us and them a great big favor and donate to help these deserving people get to Florida Nationals. We here at Ramona Town Radio wish them all the luck in the world.

For more information, click on the following links…

Facebook Group | GoFundMe | Pampered Chef

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