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Written by on October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I can’t think of a better or more fun place to eat this afternoon with the kids than our own Boll Weevil.  Or as I like to say, “The Weev”.  Here’s a compilation of some of my recent reviews…

This is one of the best places for hamburgers in our small town.  My usual used to be the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger.  I have since changed to what they call the Bad Burger.  A half pound patty with Jack cheese, bacon, Ortega Chile and a big dollop of guacamole, served with a side of salsa.  My blue cheese is going to miss me.


Recently for dinner we went to Boll Weevil for the best deal in town. All you can eat fish fry for only $7.99 (Thursdays only). With coupon it’s only $5.99! Hard to believe, I know. And you can tell it’s good quality fish, not processed institutional patties. Includes a salad, oddly served in a wooden bowl. This must be the last restaurant in America to still use wooden bowls. The funny thing is their fish fry is on Thursday nights. Makes me wonder if they have a Monday taco special…



There are several Boll Weevils throughout San Diego. I’ve been eating at them since I was a small child, back in the day in Santee. This one is a little rough around the edges, but it’s really good for the kids.  Sometimes I do consider getting a tetanus shot before entering…
They have a decent selection of creative burgers. My usual is either the Bad Burger or Blue Cheese Bacon. The specialty burger baskets come with fries, but you can request onion rings which is what I always do. 1/2 pound specialty burgers are $9.79, 1/4 pound $8.79 I ordered the Blue Cheese Bacon, which is made with some sort of blue cheese spread, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Additional items are on the side via their signature relish/condiment tray. Now I’ve had blue cheese burgers all over, but their spread is one of the stand outs. Not sure how they do it. It’s not exactly a blue cheese dressing, or crumbles. Kind of in between.
Beef patty was big, hot, moderately juicy and cooked perfectly.
The bun was standard white, with sesame seeds, and toasted. The bun seemed to be fresh and just barely held together while eating. If you get the 1/2 pound, it’s a lot to handle. You need to hand-hold it just the right way.The onion rings here are always excellent. Hot, crispy and not too thick.Service was friendly and genuine. Enjoyed a cold schooner of beer while waiting.Overall on the burger – it was excellent. I’ve been eating here for years and it’s always consistently good.



Sometimes I try to seek out burger alternatives so I tried the Ortega Sandwich. It was excellent! Stacks of hot turkey with jack cheese & ortega chiles on grilled sourdough with mayonnaise. Served with fries, curly fries, or rings for only $9.49. I was thoroughly pleased and satisfied with my choice. They have a few other sammich options on the menu like pastrami, club, etc…


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of the Thursday night all-you-can eat Fish & Chips at the Weev. Unfortunately the Fish & Chips Friday through Wednesday is decidedly different. Tonight was a very institutional variety. I would say it was from the freezer section somewhere in between Smart & Final bottom shelf and Statler Bros top shelf. Served with fries and no salad for $9.29. Wish I got a burger tonight. Service though was sweet as always and loved my cold schooner.


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  1. cheryl clarke   On   November 3, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    So glad to hear about the different quality of fish on different nights. We are ever in search of good fish and chips. We went on a Friday (fish day from long tradition) and were not impressed thus never returned. Now that I know the trick,will definitely be giving them another try. Thanks for the great review, as always you’ve made my mouth water.

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