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Written by on November 7, 2015

Here’s a compilation of reviews from our many visits to Up the Hill Grill.  It also includes Way Point Saloon (and the old Molly Malone’s) since they share a common kitchen and menu.


They have an extensive and original selection of about 10 burger creations, served with their famous beer battered fries. I ordered the Black Canyon Mac N Cheese for $13.75. Made with grilled mac & cheese and bacon on the house burger with fixin’s inside.


Beef patty was thick, hot, juicy and cooked well done. The mac & cheese was just the right amount and had great crispy edges.
The bun was white, sponge-like, and toasted. The bun seemed to be fresh and held together very well while eating. Did not get sogged out on the bottom.
The beer battered fries were hot & tasty. Went well with a side of ranch. Probably my favorite fries in town.
A little over half-way through the burger, it dawned on me that there was no discernible bacon. I informed the server, she consulted with the kitchen, and apparently there wasn’t enough, or it was missed. It’s happened before though on our sammiches there. They were apologetic, but bacon is a key component, and would have been nice.
Service was friendly and quick. Didn’t have to wait too long for the food to come out.
Overall on the burger – it was very good. The patty and bun are the stars of the show here. Now, I like mac & cheese, and I like burgers, but the two made together didn’t really do anything special for me. Maybe if it had the bacon the combination would have been more impressive. It was missing that unmistakeable texture and smokey flavor.

This is the Bulldog. It’s roast beef with jalapeños in melted swiss on grilled sourdough with lettuce, tomato, red onion, sprouts, avocado and bacon. It was really tricky to eat without it all falling apart. It was a hot mess but still worth every bite. Really interesting sandwich creation with good flavor combinations going on here.


Back in January I had the burger of the month, which was the Maple Bourbon Bacon Burger. Half pound patty with melted smoked cheddar, crumbled bacon, finished with a maple brown sugar glaze and flamed aged bourbon, topped with “frazzled” red onion and jalapeño. It was the perfect blend of sweet & spicy. Some bites even had a great candied texture. I’ve never tasted anything like it. A very unique and original burger creation. $12.50, includes choice of side. Highly recommended.


Probably one of the most beautifully (and skillfully) constructed sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. This is the “Clubzilla”. Made with bacon, avo, swiss and stacks of turkey & ham on grilled sourdough. Only $9.95 and includes your choice of sides. I got the beer-battered fries which are just outstanding.
The sammich comes undressed, but the even layer of thinly sliced avocado adds a creamy texture that easily replaces any mayonnaise or aioli.
This one held together quite well for being so large. I had to articulate my jaw considerably just to get the first few bites in.
Highly recommended.


I also tried the jalapeño poppers during this visit.  Huge, fresh jalapeños filled with cream cheese, and maybe some other kind of cheese, then wrapped in thick bacon.  I definitely recommend these to share among a group.  Personally I could only eat about two of them before getting tired.


Another Burger of the Month (BOM) I tried was called the “Flying Pig” Burger. It’s a 1/2 lb hot & juicy patty with brown sugar grilled ham, white and yellow American cheese, mater, and a fried egg. It was excellent! It’s quite a bit to handle though, be careful picking it up. I had to continuously alternate my angle of attack to keep everything together. Maybe cutting it in half would have helped. The fresh bakery brioche bun held it all in nicely. The beef patty was cooked perfectly with discernible pink in the middle. This bad boy weighed in at $12.95 with side.


Back in the spring of this year, Molly’s turned into Way Point Saloon after enduring the Bar Rescue drama which recently aired. Didn’t feel much different from the Molly days. Most noticeable for me were the new (square) tables and chairs; tacky decorations on the walls; and a bit more ambient light.


During my first visit to Way Point I ordered “The Road Hog”. For $12.95 (with side) it’s made with avocado, jalapenos, bacon & swiss plus all the fixins. This thing was a beast! Really good, although I did feel like having to shower after eating it.
Menu calls out “jalapenos” and I was expecting a spicy bite. It was actually breaded jalapeno poppers with no discernible heat. I think I would have just liked sliced jalapeno, either pickled or fresh.

So, it turns out this was actually the 19 Wheeler, not the Road Hog. It had fried avo not poppers which explains why it wasn’t spicy! I was part of a large group so there was likely a mixup. Still an outstanding burger…


And lastly, this Cheesesteak is one of the best sandwiches I’ve had here, or anywhere in Ramona for that matter. Loaded with grilled, tender roast beef. Accented with just the right amount of onions, red & yellow bells and melty cheese. With side, only $9.50


Let me know what your favorite sandwich or burger is at Up the Hill Grill and I just might try it next time!

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