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Written by on December 5, 2015

It’s Christmastime in Ramona!  Don’t forget about the big tree lighting tonight in town.  I think we’ll be setup near La Cocina, so here’s a collection of my recent reviews…

Hailed as one of the best taco shops in Ramona, La Cocina does not disappoint. This was breakfast time, so I had my favorite machaca plate. Served with soft and supple warm flour tortillas, fresh guacamole and whatnot. All orders are served with chips and three tasty salsas in a shallow segmented dish. The dining room is homey and comfortable with a bathroom that is spacious, and clean. I consider this place a taco shop because the menu is on the wall and the food is served on foam plates.



Sometimes I just like a good combination plate. Here’s the #2, Beef Taco and Cheese Enchilada. Just excellent for a taco shop plate! I remember back in the day their enchiladas swimming in a pool of grease, but this one was good and didn’t leave my hair shiny. Such a nice lady working this morning too!
Rice was hot (unlike Manana’s) and fresh tasting. I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t teeming with peas, carrots, corn, etc!


Excellent carne asada burritos and nachos…



Sometimes I like rolled tacos for breakfast. Recently I tried them at La Cocina. Order of 3 with guacamole is $4.50. I have a soft spot in my heart (and stomach) for La Cocina, but their rolled tacos were nothing to write home about. Pretty average in fact. The guacamole however was excellent! Made with fresh avo, but concentrated pretty much in the center of the tacos. Not distributed across.  
Need to make sure you take a good bite with your teeth. The meat is so densely packed that you tend to pull out a slug of meat with each bite. Thus leaving an empty tortilla tube for the ensuing bites until you reach meat again.


If you’ve never tried flautas before, it’s basically a big rolled taco made with flour tortillas, then deep fried.  I’d say it’s the little brother to a chimichanga.  Really good here!



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