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Written by on December 22, 2015

logo400Somebody posted up in Ramona Community forum about the shopping centers not decorating for the holidays; yet the smaller shops do. I have a thought on this and want your opinion too. Heres what the post read by somebody named Jodi…

Wonder why Ramona Shopping centers don’t put up Christmas decorations? The home-grown shops and stores deck the halls… But K-mart, Stater Bros. CVS, Rite-Aid & Albertsons don’t spread any holiday cheer. All of these stores welcome our money to purchase the lights and decorations… But just don’t get into the spirit. Let’s challenge these business to show Ramona how much they mean to the community!

This is a very good statement/question that I’m glad was asked. Ill put in MY opinion on this question; and want to know what you think too.

I believe its because the bigger stores like Kmart, are afraid of offending certain people. That’s basically the society we live in today. Heaven forbid, (I said “Heaven”, I don’t care if I offend); somebody gets offended because of their beliefs. People would rather take away the cheer and good times from other people; just to suit themselves. It makes life rather boring.

You also have to understand that people are “sue happy” now & days. These bigger corporations have money, when they have money; people sue. By a bigger corporation decorating for Christmas, it opens the doors for people to sue because their sweet little feelings were hurt or it doesn’t conform to THEIR beliefs. Take the hardcore atheist who have fought to get the Mt. Soledad cross taken down…and for what?

The small ma & pa shops here in Ramona are awesome. They decorate because they are here for the community regardless of what THEY believe. These shops are spreading cheer and good times. Decorating their shops, is also making our lovely Main Street look really nice and get people into the spirit of things.

We are a small town and everybody drives down Main Street. How neat would it be if all of Main Street was decorated?! I personally think it would be awesome. Kudos to the shops that decorate and aren’t afraid to┬áspread Christmas cheer. Id rather shop with these stores then places like Kmart anyways.

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