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Written by on December 28, 2015

Ramona is such a great place to live. The residents of our small town are truly amazing! There are so many people doing things for others this holiday season and there are so many THANKS going on in all of the forums; it makes you really proud to be apart of this community. I cant really mention all the people that have done great things, but I can mention a few that were posted in the Facebook forums.

Before Christmas is officially over I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Mr and Mrs Bryant and the Santa Sleigh! Me and my family got to ride in it last weekend for first time in a very special place to me, around the Rady Children’s Hospital buildings. Last two years, I saw Santa’s Sleigh through my baby’s hospital window. I saw families together enjoying the holidays… I wondered many times if one day my little baby will be healthy enough to be able to do things like that… Never thought this year will be my turn in the Sleigh with my whole family! I don’t have the perfect words to describe the feeling of the wonderful Christmas Spirit the Bryant’s gave us. Mrs Bryant gave me also something that means a lot to me, she gave hope and faith too!
Thank you so much for making such a wonderful memories for me, my family and I’m sure for many many more!
Merry Christmas Ramona! – Damaris (In Ramona Community Forum)

I have been greatly appreciative of the people who have stepped in to help us give our children dinner and gifts for Christmas this year. – Jessica (In Ramona Community Forum)

To the gentleman that paid for our groceries at Stater Brothers this morning, I’m so unbelievably thankful for your generosity. My husband, our five kids and I decided to try and make it to the grocery store early this morning before the crowds hit and probably made a spectacle of ourselves, our kids clad in Christmas PJ’s piled into two carts making all sorts of strange and loud animal/dinosaur/robot/growly noises. I thought I was going to burst into tears in the checkout line when our checker said that someone paid for our groceries, I honestly didn’t know what to say and I wish that you were there to thank and hug. When we’re in a place to do so, we want to pay it forward and make another family’s morning/day/Christmas/year like you did ours. It’s things like this that really bring you back to reality and help you remember what the holidays are really about, caring for others, family, and just being thankful for the things that you have and those kind people in the world. We’ll be thinking of you as we enjoy or Christmas breakfast in the morning, we just can’t thank you enough for your kindness.

Love, The Ahlgren Family – (Ramona Community Forum)


There are so many more that could be mentioned, it is truly amazing the giving spirit of people. I have seen post about people paying it forward at Starbucks (which happens all the time but it’s still cool), paying for others groceries, simply helping a stranger out, and shops & Ramona Business’s doing great things as well to help our community. One such notable mention and reason for the topic of this episode of Ramona Podcast, is the person or people that have paid off Kmart layaway’s down to one penny for many people. How freaking cool is that! At a time when many people are stressing to make┬ápayments on layaway items, they find out somebody has paid it off down to one cent. What a great feeling that must have been for these people. So to the people who paid these things off for complete strangers, we here at Ramona Town Radio thank you. Its your generosity and selfless act that make these holidays great for the people you helped.

Then we find out something HORRIBLE happened

Ramona Town Radio and Ramona Podcast has edited the persons name and will not post it. This is out of respect to the scammers family and because this person has children. If you want to look for her name, please do so by going to the “Ramona Uncensored forum on Facebook.

I’m just going to kind of summarize these parts, if you want to hear the whole deal, please listen to this episode of Ramona Podcast.

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As I am gearing up to produce this episode of Ramona Podcast, my first idea was to “attempt” to get somebody who has paid off the layaway’s on this show. I just wanted to find out why they did it and interview them a bit. Then I come across a post from a single mother who had her layaway paid off down to one cent, only to find out that somebody posed as her, claimed all her layaway items; and she had nothing for her kids for Christmas.

My first thought was, “We HAVE to help this person”. So what did I do, I contacted a few people that I knew could help, but it wasn’t only ME. One of the great things about our country town is that when somebody needs some help (even without asking), pretty much the whole entire community will band together to help; and that’s just what happened here. People were willing to

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sacrifice and help this poor single mother with toys, gift cards, etc. I personally contacted her and gave her my cell phone so Ramona Town Radio could hop on the ball to get it done for her, because it was so close to Christmas and there was NO time to lose.

Is this REAL?

After reaching out to her via Facebook messenger, and seeing that she wasn’t responding to hardly any reply’s on her original post; I started feeling kinda funny about the whole thing. If you’re going through something like this, and may need some serious help; you’d think responding would be detrimental. What kind parent will let their children go without presents and such on one of the most exciting days of the year for kids?

One of the people I contacted, had helped this person before, only to find out that she was going to other organizations getting more and more things. I don’t believe that is illegal, and she really had every right to do so; but its really a moral thing…don’t you think?

After people found out I was chiming in and possibly doing an episode on this; my messenger and phone started blowing up. Seriously, it was one of the busiest days I had ever had for Ramona Podcast. I didn’t get ONE call or message saying that her post was true. In fact, it was quiet the opposite. Literally every phone call, message, and email I received was people telling me that she is a scammer and it never happened.

Calling on Kmart to make it right

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She says she contacted Kmart and that there was basically nothing they could do until a manager was in next week. In one post (sorry I don’t have a screen shot), she said that Kmart told her to get a payday loan and purchase the items again. Oh boy were people ticked off about this! People were calling and calling Kmart to help this single mother out and get to the bottom of this crap. Ramona Town Radio even went to our Twitter page and called Kmart out. That tweet was re-tweeted a ton of times by mommy bloggers who have 20, 30, 50 thousand followers. Don’t mess with mommy bloggers…seriously…just don’t.

Then we find it something more interesting. Apparently one of the people posting in the forum, contacted Kmart and low & behold they have no idea what the caller is talking about. The original poster never called Kmart and the manager stated he had no idea what was going on.

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The Aftermath

So many things have happened in the aftermath of this crazy lady’s chaos. It was found out the she lied time and time again. She did in fact get her layaway, her Facebook was NOT hacked, she even started saying horrible things and lies about other people and giving their name out. She also gave another community members home address out. I have edited her name out of the screenshots and right now, I probably should not have.

Find out more by listening to episode 12 of Ramona Podcast labeled “You Cant Scam Ramona”.

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    • RamonaTownRadio   On   December 28, 2015 at 5:15 pm

      Thanks for the comment Jolinda. We cant post her name simply because that’s not what we here at Ramona Town Radio and Ramona Podcast does. I do however know that the name is posted in the thread in the Facebook group “Ramona Uncensored”. Theres a LOT of comments in there, but I know its in there. I hope you had a great Christmas!–Eric Vellone

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