January 2016 Citizen of the Month

Written by on January 8, 2016

Judy BryantOur first “Citizen of the Month” for 2016 goes to a very deserving family. Bill and Judy Bryant run the christmas sleigh here in Ramona that many of you have probably ridden on. The Bryant’s were actually nominated quiet a few times this past month. After reading the nominations and seeing post in some of the FB forums; we were compelled to make them Citizen of the Month for 2016. Read a few of the nominations below…

I wanted to take a minute and nominate the Christmas Sleigh Owners. To be honest I don’t know them personally but I’ve heard great things about them, I believe their names are Bill and Judy. It’s amazing what they do for our community during Christmas season and I love reading all those great stories on Facebook on how much joy and happiness riding that sleigh brings little ones as well as the not so little 🙂 Their hard work and giving heart should be rewarded, they are a great example of what Christmas is all about! – Rosa


Bill and Judy bring so much joy to our community during the Christmas season. They donate their time and money to our town giving rides in their hand built sleigh. Never asking for a dime or accepting donations, they truly just give to so many. From the senior center to the Montessori school, they give each person that rides in their sleigh, a
magical experience that cannot be duplicated. – Susan


Before RTR and Ramona Be The Good even received nominations for the Bryant’s; I read the following in Ramona Community Forum…

Before Christmas is officially over I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Mr and Mrs Bryant and the Santa Sleigh! Me and my family got to ride in it last weekend for first time in a very special place to me, around the Rady Children’s Hospital buildings. Last two years, I saw Santa’s Sleigh through my baby’s hospital window. I saw families together enjoying the holidays… I wondered many times if one day my little baby will be healthy enough to be able to do things like that… Never thought this year will be my turn in the Sleigh with my whole family! I don’t have the perfect words to describe the feeling of the wonderful Christmas Spirit the Bryant’s gave us. Mrs Bryant gave me also something that means a lot to me, she gave hope and faith too!
Thank you so much for making such a wonderful memories for me, my family and I’m sure for many many more!
Merry Christmas Ramona! – Damaris (In Ramona Community Forum)


Today, Mrs. Bryant came into our office to pick up her prizes. She was really emotional that people she didn’t even know; nominated her for something like this. She just stated that her and her husband do it simply put love and wanted to give children something special. I was actually taken back a bit by her words. I am so very happy that the Bryant’s won the RTR “Citizen of the Month” for January 2016.

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