Ramona Podcast EP13 – I Wanna Be A Billionaire

Written by on January 12, 2016

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This week on EP13 of Ramona Podcast

ericMan, super happy we’ve been able to keep Ramona Podcast going and are now on episode 13. I have to give a great BIG THANK YOU to all of our listeners and fans. We have had some really awesome responses to the podcast and we cant thank you enough. Coming up on future episodes, we are going to open our phone lines and get our wonderful community members involved more. Keep tuning in for details!

Notable Mentions

Our first notable mention comes form Ashley in Ramona Community forum. Very touching message and I’m personally glad she shared with everybody.

Ashley“If not allowed on this page I apologize but i needed to share this experience. Today is my late mothers birthday and it’s never an easy time. Feeling the weight of my emotions and having no other option I decided to walk home from work. (I work out on magnolia and live by RHS) as I was walking down the 78 with still 75% of my journey ahead when a woman pulled over and asked me if I wanted a ride. I graciously accepted and within mins of being in her presence I was immediately overcome with emotions. You see, this kind woman reminded me so much of my mother I couldn’t believe it. It was so strong I had to tell her and I broke down crying. I just wanted to let you all know there are still kind hearted people out there. This perfect stranger consoled me and gave me peace today. Her name is Jean (Last name taken out) and today she was my angle. Thank you Jean. Not just for the ride home but for reminding me that people like you do exist. And if only for a moment, getting me as close to the company of my mother as I’ve been in years. God bless”

What a great message Ashley and thanks for sharing. There ARE kind hearted people out there. Its messages like this that make things great in this world.

Country wine & spiritsCountry Wine & Spirits are always doing things for our community. At their store in the country estates, they are always having free BBQ on Fourth of July, Memorial Day; etc. Around times like Thanksgiving and Christmas, they give away certificates for free turkeys or ham.  Steve Hemiz the General Manager told Ramona Sentinel he distributed 360 certificates this past season. How neat is that?!

One thing I have to say about Country Wine & Spirits and their employees is that they treat everybody so good. I shop at the store in the estates pretty much every day. They know me by name and know my kids too. They are truly the most awesome people out there and it’s because of that; that I continue to shop with them.

kirks bike shopKirks Bike Shop closes doors. After 38 years, Kirks Bike Shop closes. According to their website (www.kirksbikeshop.com), Kirk Newell opened Kirks Bike Shop in April of 1977. In the early days they concentrated on bike repair and BMX racing, but soon branched out into Human Powered Vehicle racing. Today, over 30 years later, Kirk’s Bike Shop, Inc. not only still serves the bicycling needs of Ramona (now a bedroom community of San Diego), but also has branched out to become one of the leading recumbent, tandem, Bike Friday Test Ride, and BMX racing specialty shops in western United States.

According to a note on their door, a new bike shop “CC Cycles” opens there on January 2nd. CC Cycles is owned by Kirks bike shop mechanic and manager; Clark.

Lirls Bike Shop Kirks Bike Shop 2

Business Spotlight "Alomas Antiques"

alomasThis weeks Business Spotlight goes to Aloma’s Antiques. I had the pleasure of having Aloma in with me to talk about her business and I have to say; it was one of the funnest interviews I have done in a long time. Find out more about Aloma’s Antiques by going to the following links…

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | ETSY

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