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Written by on February 24, 2016

capability ranch logo 3Have you heard of Capability Ranch? Its a really great program started by Nicola Bridges and her husband in January of 2015. According to their website…

After our oldest son Jack, 21, suffered a life-threatening traumatic brain injury in March 2013 and sadly passed in away in November 2014, leaving us with our son, Owen — 20 and autistic — it hit us that life is short and truly fleeting, and we needed to intentionally change our lives to do something more impactful and fulfilling that gives back. We decided to take the plunge and act on our dream to help those with autism and other developmental delays in a meaningful way.

Capability Ranch does a TON of activities for people with mental and physical disabilities including crafts, hikes, and more. Personally having a disabled son, I know full well how important doing things like this is.

Disabled kids are obviously not like your normal child. Normal children go to their friends houses, have friends come to theirs, go out on their own into the world and make a ton of friends and do activities with their peers without their parents there (if they are older). Disabled kids don’t have the option (most of the time), simply to go out and hang with their friends outside of say a school setting.

My son Robert is part of a peer group that meets once a month and its really great. Capability Ranch is taking that to a new level. They provide all sorts of great things for disabled people to do, all while hanging out and making new friends outside of a school function.

All of the activities provided through Capability Ranch cost only $10; it doesn’t matter what it is. They also could use some donations to keep things going. This is very important because I really don’t think that many people take people with disabilities into consideration. I am really happy that Capability Ranch is around and Nicola and her husband are doing what they do. They may not know or realize just what they are providing to these wonderful people with disabilities.

Because of her work with Capability Ranch, Nicola Bridges was nominated and won the February 2016 RTR “Citizen of the Month“. CLICK HERE to read the article and hear the audio from Nicola being on the radio with RTR In The Mornings.

You will be hearing more about Capability Ranch here on the Ramona Town Radio website. We have offered and pledged to do anything we can to help promote and help them. Maybe in the future you will hear some live broadcast from Capability Ranch here on RTR.

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