Heart & Hooves Therapy – Audio Interview

Written by on March 10, 2016

RTR In The Mornings had Melissa and Juanita from Heart & Hooves Therapy in studio with us to find out everything they have going on. Heart and Hooves Therapy is a non-profit organization that brings therapeutic horses to those in need. It is a really great organization that everybody should check out. Listen to the audio interview below.

[T20_player autoplay=”false” defblock=”def-block”][T20_player_tracks title=”Interview – Heart and Hooves Therapy” cover=”1977″ artist=”RTR In The Mornings” mp3=”http://www.ramonatownradio.com/RTR%20In%20The%20Mornings/Interviews/Heart%20%26%20Hooves%20Therapy%20Intrerview.mp3″ buy_title_a=”Download FREE” buy_link_a=”http://www.ramonatownradio.com/RTR%20In%20The%20Mornings/Interviews/Heart%20%26%20Hooves%20Therapy%20Intrerview.mp3″][/T20_player]

Heart and Hooves Therapy Upcoming Events

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