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Written by on April 22, 2016

april-pink-moon-300x300Since there is so much talk about this, and I have even been tagged in the Facebook event (I assume so I’ll write or talk about it because God knows I won’t be going); I suppose I shall chime in on it.

People are all up in arms about the Pink Moon hike that is going on at Mt. Woodson (this evening) April 22nd 2016; and I believe rightfully so. The Facebook event posting has 1700 people saying they will go and 8600 people interested. You read that right, 1700 people saying they will go.

I actually spent time this afternoon reading through a ton of comments on the invite. I came to realize that the person who created the event, only sent it to a select few. Due to the wonderful world of social media, this event BLEW UP. I’ve actually read about people posting an event on Facebook that was meant for a few friends; and then hundreds of people show up. Reading some of the comments, people are shaming the person who created the event; and that’s not really the right thing to do. This person who did something that was supposed to be nice and with some friends; is getting shamed to no fault of their own.

There are a few reasons that people are so upset and I agree with their reasons. First, let’s talk about parking and traffic. There is hardly any “safe” parking out there and there is a worry of people being hit by a car. Unfortunalty, some people aren’t so smart and may just try to cross 67 while a car is coming their way. You know…people that think they can outrun a car going anywhere between 55-75 on that part of the highway.

Litter is another good example as to why people are upset. I don’t live out there in that area but I could honestly imagine the headache the residents have due to litter. Again, people aren’t so smart and many have no problem just tossing their trash aside for somebody else to have to pick up. Although the event poster HAS express to people the need to pick up after themselves; we all know many wont.

Let’s not forget all the wonderful people who love to break into cars. It happens all the time out there! Wasn’t there a big rash of car break-ins out there recently? This is going to be a grand old time for these thieves! If you go, make darn sure you don’t have any expensive belongings in your car and insurance is up to date.

I also feel sorry for the residents out there for another reason. Having to deal with all those people on one evening. These poor people are going to have to deal with people most likely blocking their driveways when all they want to do is get home and spend time with their families.

Doing my digging (and it’s no secret, look for yourselves), the group the event was created for is called EXTREME Adventures with only 784 group members, that’s actually a lot less than most of the Ramona Facebook groups. 784 group member yet 1800 people said they are going, 8600 people are interested; and 3000 people were invited. See how it’s blown up? People not even involved with the group are obviously inviting their friends and so on. Let’s be real though, 1800 people say they are going yet in my experience; I’d say expect MAYBE a quarter…if that. A quarter of 1800 is 450 if you didn’t wanna do the math. So you can really see how this thing has blown out of proportion.

One thing I don’t like at all, I believe I read somebody posted that the CHP said you need a permit for this size of event. But the event poster says that the CHP has this kind of traffic on Mt. Woodson every weekend. Ok, so every WEEKEND…like the WHOLE WEEKEND. Not just one evening, but the whole weekend. So you can see how a permit should/would be needed. They are going to need extra officers out there to protect you and make sure you’re safe. These officers have to be out there looking after you instead of protecting the cities they work in and doing their normal job. SO the officers, sorry you have to deal with such silliness.

Although this event wasn’t supposed to be so big, and I really can’t see THAT many people showing up (and I may be wrong, it’s happened before; but it’s rare); I understand the concern that the wonderful residents of Ramona have.

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  1. Rachael   On   April 23, 2016 at 4:19 am

    Can I just say one thing………THE FULL MOON WAS ON THE 21ST!!!!! LMFAO I cannot believe these people believed that the moon was going to be pink in color *Shakes Head* 🙂

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