Country Wine & Spirits (Interview)

Written by on April 27, 2016

Country Wine LogoCountry Wine & Spirits has become a staple here in Ramona, CA. Since purchasing their first store in the San Diego Country Estates in 2005 (located at 23658 San Vicente Road); Country Wine & Spirits has made themselves an important part of our lovely community.

Country Wine & Spirits has a total of eight stores throughout the San Diego area; and Ramona is lucky enough to be the home to three of their stores. There is the store in the San Diego Country Estates, the gas station in town (located at 1350 Main St), and the store/delicatessen on HWY 67 (located at 17718 HWY 67).

Their gas station recently made a lot of buzz with their great gas prices being far below anybody else. The store on HWY 67 is not only just a convenience store; but has a fantastic deli and homemade pizzas. Country Wine & Spirits also delivers anywhere in Ramona from their store on HWY 67 with a simple $20 minimum order.

I have personally been going to their store in the San Diego Country Estates for many years. Living in the estates, their store out here is a major convenience to anybody living in these parts. Through the years, everybody at Country Wine & Spirits makes me feel right at home. I have also seen this with pretty much everybody that goes in there. Customers are always called by name, treated with the utmost of respect; and the customer service is phenomenal. Because of this, I actually prefer to shop and do business there rather than go anywhere else.

Country Wine & Spirits was nominated and won the 2015 “Business of the Year” from the Ramona Chamber of Commerce; and I believe they deserved it. Country Wine & Spirits is not just a convenience store, they have embedded themselves in our community in many ways that people don’t even know about. One thing I like about them, is that they are humble and don’t publicize the things they do and have done for our community.

Did you know that this past year for Easter and Christmas; they donated around 1000 turkeys and hams to people in need? They have donated a tremendous amount of money to our local children’s sports teams and every year they host a free BBQ around Memorial Day and the Fourth of July where General Manager Steve Hermiz loves to get out and BBQ for their customers. Not to mention they have delivered food to Ramona Unified School District employees, simply to say “Thank You” and show some respect to these wonderful people who are teaching our children and future leaders. The things that Country Wine & Spirits does and has done for our community are endless.

I was lucky enough to have Mr. Carlos Joseph from Country Wine & Spirits in for a nice interview. I learned a great deal more about this business that I truly hope will stay in our community for many, many years to come.

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