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Written by on May 22, 2016

looking-for-workWhatever happened to the days of getting dressed up, making copy’s of your resume; and going door to door looking for work?¬†Younger people now & days (not all mind you), who are looking for work; don’t really take the time to beat the pavement to actually find work. With today’s laziness and phone technology, many people will call a business to find out if they are hiring or simply make a post on Facebook looking for work.

I see silly post all the time of people saying they REALLY need a job; but they post up their limitations on days and times they cant work. Whatever happened to the days where if you REALLY needed that job and got it; you would do whatever it took to keep said job? Even working those pesky days you didn’t want to, or working evenings.

I came across a post this morning by Facebook user Kendra in one of the forums. Im really glad I did too because I feel the same way and see it all the time.

Kendra writes…

There’s a growing problem among most of our young adults in Ramona. Every week I see the same people either post or respond to job posts, asking for work and say they’ll do almost anything to make a buck. Then they go on saying BUT I can’t work weekends, evenings, mornings, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Fridays (just for instance ) because their friend needs the car, their hubby is home, their mom won’t let them…and of course I’m being a smart ass but it does get a bit extreme. First off, what ever happened to the days where you got off your butt and hit the pavement looking for work, I was always told employers don’t like phone calls asking if your hiring. It showed possible employers that you were a go getter, if you showed up to fill out an app dressed nicely and asked to speak to a manager, you shook their hand and tried to leave a good impression. I have a house cleaning business and good, honest help is hard to find, I also look for someone to mow a rather large yard for me, so many times I will message these people that are “looking” for work and let them know I am looking for someone. Do you have any idea of how many lame excuses I have gotten? All of a sudden the statement “will do anything” or “really need work” becomes “that’s not enough money” or “well, how earlier would I have to start”? We as parents have raised, for the most part, a lazy generation. And yes I’m speaking generally, not attacking anyone specifically, but maybe all you people “looking” for work should think about how it makes possible employers look at you when all of a sudden house cleaning and yard work is beneath you, and since when did making full time money for working part time become “not enough”. Of course, this is just my opinion and I’m sure some of you can’t wait to attack me over it but before you do, think about how true this opinion is and how it will look to other possible future employers.

Did Kendra hit the nail on the head or what?! Kendra, if you’re reading this; great job (no pun intended).

When I was young (a long, long time ago), I had about three jobs in high school. I worked at Kmart, McDonald’s, and a group home. My parents taught me to work hard and do a good job every time. I was taught that the job wasn’t finished until everything is cleaned up. I was taught that it didn’t matter what kind of job you had, as long as you provide for your family; that’s all that mattered.

Case in point. My father had a great job working for a great company (at the time), and making a good amount of money. Unfortunately he had to have an operation and was “laid off”. Not only did he lose good pay, but lost a good job. Because he had a family to support, he started working at a gas station…a GAS STATION! That silly job made me look at my father in a different way. Not a bad way either; but I had more respect and appreciated him more. My father working at a gas station, after having a much better job and more pay; taught me that you are not above any job when it comes to taking care of your family.

I remember many times in my younger years walking up and down Main street going into every business and asking for a job application. I didn’t even bother asking if they were hiring, I simply asked for an application. Guess what…I actually got called back on many of the applications I filled out…weird right?

Now people want to sit in the pajamas while sipping on their coffee and call around looking for a job. Me being a business owner, if somebody called me up asking if I were hiring; I’d tell them to stop wasting my time and hang up. To me personally, getting a phone call only shows me how lazy you are and NOT to even give you a chance. Coming into my office on the other hand, completely unannounced; that will get my attention in a good way. Coming into my office will plant that seed in my head and make me remember and think of you when I am hiring.

If you can only work certain days and times because the potential job doesn’t work into your schedule; then you don’t work into mine. I run MY business, I’m not running a volunteer service where you can come to work on your own terms. If you constantly call in sick, cant find a ride, or are always asking for days off; don’t even attempt to apply. Again, this is MY business; and MY business does not run around YOUR sweet little schedule.

Kendra, thanks a lot for posting this up. It I wish some of the younger generation will read it and take it to heart. I know it was a bit of a rant; but it’s excellent advise and you did a wonderful job posting it up.

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