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Written by on May 23, 2016

Grass Shot 1Sitting watching television I see a commercial for this stuff called “Grass Shot”. This stuff uses the same concept as Miracle Grow. It has a nice sprayer and you put this grass seed mixture in there and it is supposed to seed your grass all while having a nice green tint of water coming out to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Seeing the commercial I was really intrigued by it. I have to do a lot of grass seeding at my house anyways and I thought it would be a really cool product. List price is $19.99 and Amazon has them for $11.87. Yet lucky me, I found them at 99 cent store for $1.99! Woo hoo…I bought the main deal along with a grass refill because I have a lot to do; and it was cheap!

Taking it out of the box, I was rather impressed with the sprayer. It was nice and looked like a sturdy piece of equipment. The grass seed is in some bags mixed with what looks like some sort of fertilizer or filler. There’s also the Grass Shot “Green Liquid Formula”. Its a smaller bottle (2 ounces) with a thick green liquid inside of it.

You dump about half of a bag of grass seed in the sprayer basin (there is a marker telling you how much to put in); and half a bottle of the green liquid formula on top of the seed. Then, hook it to your hose and get going!

Starting off I thought it was kind of cool because I could see the grass seed spreading on the ground, the water was a slight tint of green, and it foamed a bit making me believe it was a pretty good product…for a minute.

See the last part of the above sentence “for a minute”? It literally lasted about a minute; maybe a minute and a half and that’s a generous estimate. This product is so utterly disappointing its not even funny. There a catch 22 here for me. I was really happy I only spent $1.99 on this product; yet at the same time I’m upset that I spent $1.99 on this product.

As I said, the grass seed went out really quick which is to be expected because you’re planting grass seed. The green dye and foam that’s supposed to give you that satisfying feeling inside didn’t last very long either. In fact, the green water coming out lasted for a shorter time than the grass seed.

I was curious what this green stuff was so I looked up the indigence. according to the bottle, it contains Alpha Olefin Sulfonate (15%); and “Other Inactive Ingredients (85%). Looking up the Alpha Olefin Sulfonate, I find it to be used in cosmetic products and as a foaming agent. The other 85% inactive ingredients I imagine is just the green dye they are using. So really, this green bottle of junk doesn’t do anything for you and isn’t needed; because it does nothing except make you feel good thinking you’re accomplishing something.

Consensus: This product is junk and a complete waste of money. This isn’t only my prospective either, look at the reviews on Amazon. There are a few good reviews but reading them; Ill almost bet a million bucks that the good reviews are from owners of the company. 

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