Python Bites Man’s What???

Written by on May 26, 2016

puthon toiletSo there you are, sitting on the toilet, doing your business stocking the lake with brown trout; and you feel a nibble on some very important parts. What would you do?

That’s what happened to a guy in Chachoeagsao Thailand…and it wasn’t just a little nibble either. The man was sitting on the toilet when an 11 foot python swam up the kamode and sank its fangs into the mans very “private” parts.

The snake wasnt letting go either. The man called for his wife to bring him some rope in which he tied the snake to the door and carefully detached the snake from his parts. After he got the snake loose from his snake; the man passed out from loss of blood.

The man was hospitalized and as far as we know…his “parts” are A-Ok.

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