June 2016 Citizen of the Month – Nick Jordan

Written by on June 2, 2016

Nick JordanThis months “Citizen of the Month” is a really special one.┬áThis months winner is Nick Jordan, a teacher at Montecito High School.

Not too long ago during the RTR broadcast of Ramona Cruise Nights, a teacher from Montecito High gave Shane a stack of letters from students; nominating Mr. Jordan. These letters were amazing and to think that all these students took the time to write them was even more fascinating.

Here’s a little bit of what was written…

Jose R. writes,

He is the best teacher I have ever had and a teacher I will always remember. Every time I walk into Mr. Jordan’s class, he always greets us with “Morning”. He is the best teacher anyone could have.

Julio A. writes,

We learn things that will help us to prepare for our future. Mr. Jordan will also always help to find work for people who are graduating. Mr. Jordan would be thankful and humble to receive this award, but he needs to recognized for his hard work.

Devin R. writes,

The person who should be awarded Citizen of the Month is Mr. Jordan at MHS. He is a good teacher and good person. He teaches the kids how they learn the best and will sit there and work it out with them. He will listen and talk to anyone who needs help with school and their personal life.

Jacob V. writes,

His class is helping to shape me into a responsible young adult and I am learning valuable on-the-job training, which may lead to a career later on. This class has helped me to feel like a more productive member of the community and I have Mr. Jordan to thank for that.

The list of great things Nick Jordan does goes on and on. Ramona Town Radio would like to congratulate Mr. Jordan on winning Citizen of the Month, plus thank him for the great work he does with our younger generation.

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