Ra-Mona Lisa Pizza – Part 2

Written by on June 21, 2016

“Chicken Alfredo” pizza from Ramona Lisa’s.  That’s right – I’ve been twice in one week!  The improvement here is that noticeable.
This was from their specialty pizza section of the menu.  (Shown here is the medium 14” for $14.99).  Made with alfredo sauce; chicken; bacon; spinach; and onion.
This was an outstanding pie that came out better than I was expecting.  Just the right amount of toppings, all thoughtfully and evenly distributed across the pizza landscape.  At first the amount of bacon seemed fairly conservative.  While eating it though I noted that it was just the right amount!  It definitely contributed a nice smoky flavor to the whole thing.  Quality and quantity of cheese was perfect.  Lifting slices out of the box presented an amazing, stringy “cheese pull” that you don’t see very often.
I have to say this was a good value.  Only a medium, but it easily fed two adults and an 11 year old with one slice left over.
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