Ramona Rock Fairies – Interview

Written by on July 28, 2016

Rock Fairy 1Not too terribly long ago, my daughter came home from Ramona Oaks Park; excited to show me this rock she had found. At first, I was thinking it would be like any other rock she has found and wanted to show me. But that wasn’t the case; THIS rock had a beautiful painting on it and my daughter was so very excited that she found such a thing.

It really was a charming painting and I was thinking that maybe somebody had lost it. Ironically later that day, somebody else had posted on Facebook; that they too had found a rock like the one my daughter found. In the comments, somebody else posted a link to the Facebook page Rock Fairy Fans; otherwise known as RamonaRockFairy. After doing a little digging and reading through their page, I found that the Ramona Rock Fairy is extraordinary and I had to have the fairy on our morning show RTR In The Mornings.

The Ramona Rock Fairy is and will remain anonymous. We found that the Rock Fairy paints these rocks, and hides them around Ramona Oaks Park for people to find. The only reason the Rock Fairy does this; is to brighten somebodies day. I can attest that the day my daughter found hers; she was in the best mood imaginable. The excitement on her face that SHE found one of these rocks was incomprehensible.

Another really neat thing I found by digging into post on Facebook, is that people who find these painted rocks; are taking them other places for people to find. One post said that the rock they found; was making its way to Lake Havasu City for somebody else to find. How cool is THAT!?

If you happen to find one of the rocks from the Ramona Rock Fairy, post the pic on Facebook and tag Ramona Rock Fairy and Ramona Town Radio. We really want to know!

Find out more about what makes the Ramona Rock Fairy tick by listening to the RTR In The Mornings interview below.

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