The Sickstring Outlaws Interview with RTR In The Mornings

Written by on August 12, 2016

RTR In The Mornings was lucky enough to have Ron Houston and Doc Mitchell from the San Diego based outlaw country band The Sickstring Outlaws in studio with us. The Sickstring Outlaws are an amazing band with high energy live shows and some of the best outlaw country around.

According to their website

The Sickstring Outlaws are a rugged, outlaw country band based in the San Diego area. “We have an aggressive sound,” says the band, “with story-telling vocals about real life, hard-working men, the day-to-day struggle with substance abuse, and some of our most favorite honky-tonk heroes…we don’t try to sugar-coat anything.”

When asked about their song writing, Ron said the above; “It’s story telling”. Ill tell you what too, Ron is one of the best story tellers around and you can quote me on that. The lyrics to their songs remind me of the style of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard; and more. This is a compliment to The Sickstring Outlaws seeing how the guys named above are complete legends in the music industry. The Sickstring Outlaws don’t conform to the now standard “Pop Country” where most of the lyrics repeat over and over and are basically pointless. All of their songs are old school and if you actually listen to the lyrics; they each tell a different entertaining story. Think of reading a novel and putting some killer music behind the words; that’s what you’ll get with The Sickstring Outlaws.

These guys are also one of the hardest working bands I have seen in a very long time. I am always seeing new shows popping up all the time on their Facebook feed. They don’t just play here in the San Diego area either; they literally play everywhere they can here in Southern California.

With the amount of shows The Sicksting Outlaws play, one would think that they would be exhausted and maybe tone down a few of their live shows. Hell NO! Each and every Sickstring Outlaws show is incredible! I’ve personally seen these guys play multiple times and every time I do, their shows are so packed full of energy that the person sitting in the back of the venue playing on their cell phone will soon get up and make their way to the front of the stage.

The Sicksting Outlaws have three great full length albums out. The first “Not So Bluegrass” was released in 2011. The second “Johnny Drank Jack” was released in 2012, just a year later than Not So Bluegrass. Johnny Drank Jack was nominated Best Local Recording at the 2013 San Diego Music Awards and featured songs like “I Like Merle Haggard, “Reverend John”, obviously “Johnny Drank Jack”; and my personal favorite “Outlaw Man”. Their third installment is “Electric Moonshine, A Tribute to Popcorn Sutton” and was released in 2015. Electric Moonshine featured songs like “Just an Empty Bottle”, “The Life and Death of Sam Dupree”, “My Best Girl”; and the title track “Electric Moonshine (A Tribute to Popcorn Sutton)”. Listen to the interview to hear and find out the back story to some of these songs. You can get The Sickstring Outlaw albums and songs available on Google Play by CLICKING HERE.

On a side note, if you’re a band or musician; you can really take a few things from The Sickstring Outlaws. Although they have many, many fans; they don’t consider them “fans”. The Sickstring Outlaws consider them “friends” and truly make it known. After their live sets you can always find them in the crowd meeting the people that came to see them play. After their shows, they ALWAYS post up on Facebook thanking the venue they played and thanking their “friends” for coming to see them. They also ALWAYS tag as many people as they possibly can to let the person know they are appreciated. I hardly ever see a band do that, yet The Sickstring Outlaws do it each and every time.

Get out to a LIVE Sickstring Outlaws show as soon as possible. You will not only see one of the best shows of your life, but you’ll hear some of the finest story telling, playing; and make some of the best friends that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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