Ramona Country Fair was a BLAST!

Written by on September 1, 2016

Ramona FairThis past weekend’s Ramona Country Fair was nothing short of amazing. If you weren’t able to make it out, you sure did miss one heck of a good time.

As always, the 46th Annual Ramona Country Fair was brought to you by the Ramona Chamber of Commerce. Sally Westbrook and her team worked very hard to bring this year’s fair to fruition; and their work paid off for the entire community of Ramona, CA. There was thrilling rides, the “Home Sweet Home” contest where people brought their homemade items like jams, jerky, salsa, etc, live bands, the 1st annual motorcycle rally, this year’s Bluegrass festival; and so much more.

Although the fair kicked off on the evening of Thursday August 25th, the real fun started on Friday. Friday brought us the Photography contest with entries from people of all ages and categories. Some included entries from classes from the Ramona Unified School District. The artwork was amazing and we would like to say congratulations to the winners.

Friday also brought us the start of the live music. At 6 p.m. the band “Two The Moon” played with people line dancing in give me back my wig band photofront of the stage. At 8:30, the band “Give Me Back My Wig” played. You may have heard of Give Me Back My Wig, they are a blues rock band that has played in Ramona for some time. I have to tell you, Give Me Back My Wig put on one heck of a show and is truly one of my newest favorite bands out there. Their stage performance was so energetic; I was worn out after watching them. It is an absolute MUST to go to their next show.

Eric & Bob MurreyOn Saturday people dropped off their homemade items like jams & jellies, jerky, salsa, applesauce; and pickles. I was lucky enough to judge the jerky category with Mr. Bob Murray, the owner of Java Hut in the San Diego Country Estates. We had some great entries and it was very difficult for Mr. Murray and me to choose place the winners. Ramona Town Radio’s own Dan Edwards from Food Observations was a judge for the salsa category and said the same thing about judging these great entries.

Steve Man About TownYou may have seen these plastic jugs sitting on the counter of a business for the “Man About Town”. Each contestant had to leave the jug on the counter of a business, collect money, and whoever collected the most won Man About Town. This year’s winner is Steve Hermiz, the general manager of Country Wine & Spirits. Half of the money that was donated goes to the charity of their choice, the other half goes to the Ramona Chamber of Commerce Scholarship fund. According to my phone calls and what “I” know, Steve received $1010 and donated it ALL the Ramona Chamber of Commerce Scholarship fund.

14102534_1129684927112137_1845773021001371776_nOn Saturday there was also a pie eating contest, best mustache contest, demonstration from Ramona Martial Arts; and the frozen t-shirt contest. For the frozen t-shirt contest, they soaked some shirts in water, rolled them up; and froze them. There were nine contestants who had to unroll the frozen t-shirt and put it on. Whoever did it first, won. I have never seen this game before and it was a ton of fun watching the contestants trying to get them unrolled and on. I hope the Ramona Chamber of Commerce brings this game back next year.

There was also two wild west shows featuring the “Hole in The Wall Gang”, one show at 1 p.m.; the other at 4 p.m. Thanks to my friend Joe Stupar (Executive Director of Ramona Chamber of Commerce), I was the announcer in the tower at Fred Grand Arena for both shows. The guys from Hole In The Wall Gang were so nice, extremely professional; and put on one heck of a show. My interaction was with Larry Poole who was in the arena with his horse for the shows. Mr. Poole is also a professional actor, wrangler, stuntman, member of the San Diego Screen Actors Guild; and he’s also a Ramona resident.

After the first show from Hole In The Wall Gang, my friend Joe Stupar made sure all the cowboys and cowgirls came over to get my son Robert a picture with all of them. I can’t thank you enough Joe, it sure did make Roberts day.

During the show, there were also performances by Victorian Roses Ladies Riding Society, Guns of the Roundtable, and Cowboy Mounted Shooting. If you missed either one of the shows; you really have to catch the next one. Everybody who participated is extremely talented and a lot of fun to watch.

Saturday evening brought the second set of bands for this year’s country fair. Two country bands played that evening, West Coast Bandits and Steelehorse Country. Both bands did a wonderful job and you should really see either one of them live.

14183708_960027687458969_6008950961267228323_nThe last day of the fair was Sunday August 28th, and it brought yet another delightful and fun day. Starting off the morning was the 1st Annual Motorcycle Rally put together by motorcycle enthusiast Paul Zooalinski. There were a ton of entries for the motorcycle rally and some really beautiful and unique bikes. They gave out prizes for Best of Show, Touring, Bagger, FXR, Sportster; etc. They also had a lot of great sponsors for this event. I sure do hope they keep this bike rally going next year; I can only imagine how big it could get, simply from the turnout for the first one.

During the day on Sunday starting at noon and going into the evening the annual Bluegrass Festival featuring some really great bands like Bluegrass Brethren, Ash Street Ramblers, Windy Ridge, MojaviSoul, Shirthouse, Prarie Sky, and Box Canyon. I have never been to a Bluegrass Festival nor do I have any real experience with the genre of Bluegrass; but I sure did have a wonderful time watching and hearing these bands play. The turnout was amazing and each & every member of every single band were very nice, respectful; and true professionals. I certainly wouldn’t mind going to more Bluegrass Festivals.

The food at the fair was wonderful too. There was BBQ, fried food, roasted corn, chili cheese fries; and more. My personal favorite was A&S Catering with their BBQ beef and Pork sandwiches. To find out more about food at the fair, check out the RTR Facebook page to watch videos featuring Dan Edwards of Food Observations. The Ramona Chamber of Commerce was selling frozen Margaritas and our friend Paul De Janett was there with his business “The Craft Beer Garden” serving up ice cold delicious craft beers. The kids could have gotten a nice cold shaved ice from Mr. Scoops to beat the heat.

There were plenty of vendors as well. There was solar companies, Cricket Wireless, trinkets for sale, Yogi Picnic Baskets; and Johnathan Martinez was there selling his great artwork. These are just to name a few of the wonderful vendors.

Major sponsors for this year’s 46th Annual Ramona Country Fair was Krysak & Associates, Jewelry World and Loan, Ramona Disposal Service, Barona Resort & Casino, SDG&E, Diamond Resorts, Dunkin Donuts, and Kamps Propane. Other sponsors include Ramona Family Dentistry and Ramona Self Storage.

I really want to send a great big THANK YOU to the wonderful team we have here at Ramona Town Radio that helped make our presence there known and a success. Dean Osuna who ran sound for all the bands and the music played by RTR, Dave Garth our stage manager, Dan and Gail Edwards that did a great job on the food reviews you can see on the Ramona Town Radio Facebook page, and Justin Sturgeon for promotion.

I’d also like to send a big THANK YOU and appreciation to Ramona Chamber of Commerce for having Ramona Town Radio at the fair this year. We really hope we did a great job for you and made you proud. Head of this year’s events chair for the Ramona Country Fair is Sally Westbrook. Sally and her team did such a wonderful job putting on this year’s fair and it took a ton of work. One thing I have to say about Sally is, I complimented her a few times on the great job she did with the fair, but she never personally took credit. It was always about the TEAM involved and all the credit went to them. To me, that really says something about a person.

Ever since joining the Ramona Chamber of Commerce, they have really embraced and helped Ramona Town Radio in many ways. We have made great connections and friends I’m sure will last a lifetime. Honestly, if it weren’t for all the help from Ramona Chamber of Commerce, RTR wouldn’t be where we are today. If your business is not a part of Ramona Chamber of Commerce yet, you should really join and enjoy the benefits that RTR receives on a continuous basis. I personally thank Ramona Chamber of Commerce for everything they do for our local business owners and for the whole community of Ramona.

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