PSA – Student Pick Up and Drop Off

Written by on November 5, 2016

Like most parents, I get really annoyed at other parents who are dropping off and picking up their children to and from school. You know the parents don’t you? The ones that have absolutely no consideration for anybody else in the world.

There have been many times where I am sitting in line to pick up my kids, and a car or two in front of me decides to stop, talk to somebody forever; all while holding up the line of other cars trying to get their kids. What about the people who sit in line to drop off their children, but when its their turn; THAT’S when they decide to pack up their backpacks and do their hugging and kissing good-bye.

I have seen this a million and a half times. A parent parks in the handicapped spot, doesn’t even bother getting out; just to pick up their child. Maybe I’m wrong, but to me the handicapped spot is for you to get in and get out; not to simply park there because you can and your child doesn’t have to walk so far. If you’re not going to get out of the car, use the pick up and drop off area like everybody else. I literally see that all the time. Hell, once I was parked in the handicapped spot attempting to get my son from school (hes in a wheelchair). At the time I had one of those converted vans with a ramp. Wouldn’t you know it, somebody had the nerve to park in that marked off spot for vans who have ramps! No joke! I had to sit there for about 20 minutes until the person came back simply to get my son in our van!!!!

How about when you are picking up and dropping off on one of the side streets. Some of these streets are pretty narrow, especially when cars are parked along the side. Some people have absolutely NO patience and will completely make it to where you cant drive down the street. People don’t use their common sense or look to see how traffic is going to go. They completely block it off so cars cant exit; thus making it to where the line of cars doesn’t move. Get what I’m saying? How about when a car IS coming down, so you pull over a bit in an open spot so another car can get through…then some yahoo comes up and goes around you blocking it all off again.

Does anybody else deal with this stuff? Justin and I do constantly! That’s why we came up with this sweet little PSA. Have a listen and feel free to pass it around.

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