Saving Grace the Pitbull

Written by on November 9, 2016

saving-graceThere is this pitbull named Grace that could really use some help. Grace (also known as Spot) is a sweet pitbull who was recently found injured living in a homeless camp by a woman named Jessica. Grace was hit by a car 2 weeks ago. She is unable to walk on her back leg and has blood in her urine.

I was contacted by my friend Ray Smith from Rescue Threadz, asking if we could help spread the word to help raise money through their GoFundMe for Grace. This poor dog is in a lot of pain and we could help!

According to the GoFundMe

On Sunday November 6, 2016 she was rescued and immediately taken to an emergency vet. Her diagnostics show multiple issues that urgently need to be fixed. The x-ray’s show that she has hip dysplasia and arthritis. When she was hit by the car it made a bad situation worse. Her leg bone and hip bone are rubbing together which is causing her a great deal of pain. Because of this she is unable to walk on her back leg.

The x-rays also showed that her bladder is full of stones, so many in fact that the vet said she has never seen anything like it. This is causing blood in her urine and making it very painful to go to the bathroom. If she does not get surgery her bladder will explode.

Grace is bring cared for by our friends Ray and Jen Smith from Rescue Threadz. I know full well the love for animals Ray and Jen have and I think they are tremendous people. They are really pushing hard to raise the money to get Grace the Pitbull the surgery she needs to live a long and happy life.

The estimated cost for the surgery was $5000, but thanks to a wonderful vet; they are receiving a discount to bring the total to $3500. I have personally be involved with many fund raisers and I cannot express how far even $1 goes.

Please check out the GoFundMe for Grace the Pitbull and help in any way you can. A $1 donation is amazing, if you cant donate; even sharing the GoFundMe on social media works wonders.

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