On this episode of Ramona Podcast, Eric and Justin talk about some fruitcake scaring the hell out of our friends and banging a drum in their business lobby, another jerk face doing doughnuts on the soccer fields, the Ramona High School Veterans Day tribute, A & S Catering opening a store front; and the Ramona Chamber of Commerce annual community awards. Tune in, its a pretty good episode.


Stolen from Facebook

Have you seen this car? Apparently whoever is driving this thing thought it would be a great idea to do doughnuts on the Ramona Soccer Fields grass! What a JERK right! Kids and adults play on those fields all the time; we don’t need somebody coming in there and ruining their field.


Taken from the Ramona Chamber of Commerce website…

Every year, The Ramona Chamber of Commerce recognizes various people and organizations in Ramona for their benefit to the community of Ramona. These individuals and/or organizations are recognized at the annual Ramona Chamber of Commerce Installation Dinner and Awards Gala. The Chamber wants to make sure that we have as much input from as many people as possible. These nominations should be for activities during the year of 2016. Nominees do not have to be Chamber of Commerce members. Please fill out this form with as much description as possible and submit it no later than 4:00pm December 12, 2016

CLICK HERE to make your nominations