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Written by on November 27, 2016

ifixedramonaI’m constantly seeing post in the Ramona Facebook forums from people asking about cell phone repair. Its pretty much always “Dropped my cell phone and cracked the screen; anybody know someone in Ramona that can fix it”? Well…yea!

I’m pretty much baffled by this one because there is only ONE person in Ramona (that I know of) who fixes cell phones. And, this person is CONSTANTLY  being tagged on these post. How people do not know about P.T. Gottney and the shop iFixed Ramona Cell Phone Repair; is totally beyond me. Its almost one of those things where you have seen her tagged so very much; you simply just know now.

For those of you who do NOT know…you can get your cell phones fixed at iFixed Ramona Cell Phone Repair. They are located at 1140 Main St. Suite 115 (right next door to Ramona Town Radio). Their prices are fair, GREAT customer service, and if they can’t fix it or possibly have a better solution for you; they will tell you.

You can call iFixed Ramona Cell Phone Repair at 760-919-CELL, or email at

Now please, pass this along for all those who for some reason don’t already know.


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