FedEX Email Scam

Written by on December 29, 2016

fedex-delivery-notification-emailBeware, there is an email scam going around regarding FedEx that will encrypt your entire computer.

According to a post in the Facebook group “Ramona Community Forum”, there is an email going around that looks like it is from FedEx stating that they could not deliver a package; and to click on a link for the shipping label. The problem is though, it is not from FedEx and if you click on the link for the shipping label; your computer hard drive will be encrypted.

The post from a man named Mark, stated…

Be aware of fake FedX emails stating that they tried to deliver a package but couldn’t due to the lack of a signature. There is a “shippers” label attached. DON’T TRY TO OPEN IT. It’s ransom ware. It will encrypt your hard drive and ask for $$’s to unlock.
My wife got hit with it but fortunately I had mirrored her drive a couple months ago so I just switched back. Hopefully, not all her data got encrypted on the old drive and I’ll be able to recover it on my Linux machine.

Plus in the comments, a person named Andy stated that there is one going around from PayPal too. If it is addressed to “Dear Customer”; don’t open it.

Special THANKS to the people posting to make out community aware.

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