Ramona, CA – Not literally taking over “Old Town Ramona”, but the website; www.OldTownRamona.com. A while ago our good friend Stacy Bart from Unicorn Books and Gifts created OldTownRamona.com to promote the great business’s in the old town part of Ramona, CA. Now, Stacy has graciously handed it over to Ramona Town Radio INC.

We are very excited to takeover the website and promote the great business’s as well. We aim to keep the vision Stacy had for the website plus, start putting information in there about the history of the buildings and our town. Stacy is still the administrator and owner of the Old Town Ramona Facebook page and Twitter; so you’ll be hearing from her quiet often.

Keep up with the progress of the new website development by visiting OldTownRamona.com