Heart and Hooves Therapy Flooded Out

Written by on March 2, 2017

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The recent rains on February 27th had a major impact on Ramona and many areas were flooded out. One place that was flooded is our good friends Heart and Hooves Therapy. According to a report posted on Facebook, this is the second storm that has hit the property and caused damage.

The Facebook post said..

Dear friends…and friends of friends….this is what is happening to Heart and Hooves Therapy!!! Scary and sad. This is the second storm that has hit their property and washing it away. The “creek” found a new path and took more property:-( can you or anyone you know help? Not sure how to fix this problem but I know there is someone out there that does and is willing to help. They have people that need them and they are having to cancel appts because the ground is not safe at the moment. Please pass this on to anyone that might be able to help.

If anybody can help or have any ideas on how this organization can repair the damage caused, please contact Heart and Hooves Therapy at 619-633-5105

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