Events Happening May 6th 2017

Written by on April 28, 2017

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My, my, my; RTR is scheduled to be at two great events on Saturday May 6th 2017…and you need to be there too!

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Back Country Motorcycle Poker Ride

First up is the very FIRST Back Country Motorcycle Poker Run, brought to you by our friends at Ramona Chamber of Commerce. Boasting Bikes, Bands, BBQ, and Beer; this event is being held at 344 Main St in Ramona (the old Sizzler parking lot). They are expecting a ton of people there with plenty of riders, so get there early! Registration and check in begins at 8:30 a.m. You can pre-register by going to

Playing this event is the great local band Flipside Burners who we are really excited to see live.

Come on out for a great day of fun!

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Heart & Hooves Therapy Quarter Auction

Our friends at Heart and Hooves Therapy are holding their 3rd Annual Quarter Auction May 6th 2017 from 5 p.m. till 8 p.m. RTR participated last year and truly had a blast; we are very excited to take part in this event again this year.

According to their Facebook Event…

What is a quarter auction?
A quarter auction is a game where bidders play for prizes valued typically from around $12 to $50, occasionally higher.
What do bidders need to play?
When bidders enter the auction location, they receive one numbered paddle for $2.00. A chip with a corresponding numbers goes in a drawing bucket. Bidders will also need quarters to bid. These are brought with them to the auction, so please make sure your guests are bringing at LEAST 1 roll of quarters with them!

How will the bidders know what they are bidding on?
All the auction items will be on display in one area of the auction location. Auction doors will be open to the guests at 5:00pm so the bidders can preview the items and visit vendor tables. The auction will begin promptly at 5:30pm. When an item comes up for bid, the item will be described by the vendor who brought it. One at a time, vendors will be called to the front table to choose one of their items, hold it up, and describe it to the guests. They will only have 30 sec to do this!!! Please keep this demo/description as brief as possible as we will be auctioning over 30 items in less than 2 hours.

How do the bidders know what the bid is?
The vendors will inform guests how many quarters to bid on the items. All items will be between a 1-6 quarter bid. Please keep in mind that items that auction for 1-2 quarters seem to bring in more money than the higher priced items.

How does the bidding work?
Once the item has been described, the value of the item, and quarter bid announced, the bidding will begin. If a bidder is interested in the item, they would put that number of quarters in the bowl that will be located on each table, and raise their paddle. Once all bids are made, the quarters will be collected and put into a bag with that vendor’s name on it. All quarters for the items each vendor auctions will be given to that vendor at the end of the auction.

How do we know who wins?
We will then draw a number from the drawing bucket and call the number out. If the number called matches the paddle of someone who has bid quarters and raised their paddle, it is the bidders responsibility to call out that they have a winning number. If the bidder with the matching number either fails to call out that they won, or did not bid the number on that item, then we will continue to draw numbers until a winner is found. To keep the auction moving, it is good for non-bidders to call NO BID if their number is drawn and they did not bid the quarters.

What happens to my quarters if I don’t win?
If you don’t win, your quarters are still collected and they go to the vendor who provided the item, No quarters are returned to non-winning bidders.

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We Hope To See You There!

Ramona Town Radio really hopes to see you at both of these great events!


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