Ramona Town Radio is really excited to let everybody know that we are in production, in conjunction with our media company ULM Media; to bring you the new reality show “Truth In the Mirror”.

From the Truth In The Mirror Facebook page…

Truth In The Mirror is an all new reality TV show. Unlike any show America has ever seen before! Confidence Coach Sally Hilton works with real women on an intensive coaching journey of challenges. Building their confidence and self-esteem. Giving women the permission and tools to truly live a life that is limitless.
Truth In The Mirror empowers women to love themselves regardless of their shape or size and allows them for the first time to see the truth in their own Mirror.

Truth In the Mirror will be hosted by Sally Hilton who is a wonderful life coach that inspires people to build self confidence. Filming will begin soon but Sally will have a radio show on RTR before hand. Check out the video below of her first show on RTR explaining the whole concept of Truth In The Mirror.