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Written by on November 1, 2017

Someone dumped this dog on or about 9/23 near Lake Cuyamaca. Our friend Kim got him on 9/27 for cleaning/grooming and microchip check.

The problem is he has a microchip naming him as “Bugsy” and registered to an owner with three phone numbers. Except there isn’t a single person registered in California with the owners name, and the three phone numbers ended with a woman who yelled she didn’t know that name and this was her phone number for 17 years, a disconnected number, and an answering machine. Calls from the chip company, veterinarians and others have resulted in no response.

More telling, on 9/15, BEFORE the dog was dumped, the owner or someone pretending to be the owner called the microchip company saying the dog was dead, and to delete his file. Reports have been made to the microchip company, all local vets, the Sheriffs Dept, Animal Control and the Humane Society.

Bugsy, now “Z”, short for zombie given that he’s been declared dead when he’s clearly walking around and eating, has been vaccinated, groomed/bathed, and we will keep unless a legitimate owner is found. We are concerned that if he wasn’t dumped by the owner, that the owner who might be in military, jail, away, domestic violence situation etc, was told by a caregiver, falsely, that the dog is dead.

He is neutered, and good with kids, other dogs, cats and birds. He is housebroken. He rides nicely in cars. He is okay with crates but that may be intermittent as he destroyed on on Thursday. He is exceptionally polite with food. He is well mannered and has been trained.

I have listed him on more than 30 missing dog listers and groups and community forums. He’s been with me about a month. Do you know this dog? If so, please contact Ramona Town Radio at 760-440-0560 or by emailing


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