Gas Taxes with Carl DeMaio

Written by on December 23, 2017

RTR In The Mornings had special guest, Carl DeMaio on the phone with them talking about Gas Tax and how we can repeal the new increase. Mr. DeMaio educates us on where this money goes, how it is spent; and why it is bad for California tax payers.

According to Carl DeMaio, only 20% of the gas tax goes toward road repair; with the other 60% getting diverted to things like “climate change”. The 20% that goes to roads in California is actually being spent on the 3500 employees salaries whom have nothing to do; because there is nobody delegating to them.

In other states, $4 per mile of road is being spent on repairs as opposed to only $1 per mile of road being spent on repairs in California. California is 2nd in the nation for worst roads.

So how can you be a part of the rebellion to stop being taxed so much on things like this? CLICK HERE to sign the petition to repeal the new increase in gas tax.

Check out the audio interview from RTR In The Mornings by CLICKING HERE.

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