Advertising with Ramona Town Radio is easy and effective. We offer radio commercial advertising, website advertising, event advertising; and more. Contact one of our sales representatives today to find out how cost effective we are.

We also offer other services like live sound for your events, event hosting, recording services; and more.

Standard Services

Radio Commercial Production

Ramona Town Radio offers audio commercial production and advertising. We can create you a commercial to be played anywhere and on any station or website. We offer production services for the standard 15, 30, or 60 second commercials. Anything over 60 seconds is specially priced.

Radio Commercial Advertising on RTR

Get your radio commercial played on Ramona Town Radio. We can put your commercial on one of our great widely listened to shows, in general commercial rotation; or both to get the most out of your advertising budget.

RTR Event Calender

Get your event posted on the RTR website, and promoted through social media and our email newsletter. You can even be included in our weekly event commercial that is updated every Monday and put in general rotation.

Social Media Marketing

Ramona Town Radio has some great likes and follows on Facebook and Instagram. We can help your business reach OUR demographic and beyond. Market to people that you may not reach in your own ad campaign. We can share, post, and let our followers know what services or specials you have.

Business Interviews

On some of the RTR LIVE shows, we offer business interviews. You can be a special guest on one of our shows, and we will give you between 15-30 minutes to come in to talk about your business and the services you provide.

Broadcast on RTR

If you have an idea for a show, or just want to try your hand at being a radio DJ; you can rent the RTR airwaves. We provide a producer, the studio, and more to make your show great. This service is limited to space availability and is first come first serve.

2018 Commercial Advertising Rates

Other Services

Event Sound and Hosting

Ramona Town Radio offers live event sound and hosting. For the past two years, RTR has provided sound and hosting for the Ramona Country Fair as well as the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. We can help make your events fun and enjoyable, while keeping your visitors up with the pace of things. Contact us today to see how Ramona Town Radio can help make your event memorable.

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