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Today on our show, we are having ex-Enbridge oil employee and whistle blower, John Bolenbaugh as a guest. He has been fighting these oil spill cover-ups for 6 years and has video and documented proof that the big oil industry is not only not cleaning up these spills and leaks, but can’t. The oil and […]

Did you know there’s many types of abuse? Don’t be a victim! #ProtectKids and educate: #MedicalAbuse exists. #InstitutionalizedAbuse is real. Join Tracy and Rachael as they discuss these issues and find out what you can do to help fight against the neglect in our society.

Join Rachael and Tracy as they discuss the real identity of the bearded man in the red and white suit. Click below to listen..

Tune in and listen to Rachael and Tracy discuss a number of topics including the continuing fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline and the fight for native rights, treaties land and sovereignty. Also including The truth about ZOMBIES.

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