Ramona Citizen of the Month

Ramona Town Radio is pleased to announce that we are teaming up with the Facebook group “Ramona…Be the Good” to bring you the Citizen of the Month. Do you know somebody who does great things for other people or our community? Nominate and submit your story of somebody you believe deserves recognition for their good deeds. Once a month Ramona Town Radio and Ramona…Be the Good, will draw nominations out of a hat for the winner. The person who becomes Citizen of the month will receive up to $100 in gifts from various Ramona vendors; and recognition right here on the Ramona Town Radio website. Age restrictions do not apply.

To nominate somebody you feel does great things for other people and/or our community, fill out the form below. Please remember, give as much information as you can on WHY this person should be nominated. One sentence nominations are not as compelling as paragraph type of nominations.

We are always on the look out for new sponsors to provide gifts or services for our “Citizen of the Month” winners. This could be anything from a service, gift certificate, gift card; etc.

By becoming a sponsor of “Citizen of the Month” you will get your business logo (125x125) linking to your website or social media on our website. ¬†You will receive various mentions live on our radio station when we talk about “Citizen of the Month,” and you will receive advertising through our email newsletter when we send out information regarding ‘Citizen of the Month.”

To become a sponsor and give back to somebody that has done great things for other people, contact us HERE

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