Who We Are:

Ramona Town Radio started in November of 2015.  It was created because of the popularity of the show, Ramona Podcast, a podcast all about Ramona, California. Due to the listenership of Ramona Podcast, founder, and owner, Eric Vellone decided to use his knowledge and expertise of internet radio to create a Top 40 radio station for the community. Ramona Town Radio has created and hosted many great shows that cover a wide array of subjects all while playing the music people love to hear. We have shows like RTR In The Mornings, Food Obs Radio, Cultural Insights, Chamber Corner, and Ramona Podcast. All of the shows we host with the exception of RTR IN The Mornings; can be found on the Ramona Town Radio website to listen to or download on demand.

Our website is not only filled with the great shows that are broadcast but we also have news, current events happening in and around town, and show major support to our community. Ramona Town Radio has broadcasted LIVE for Ramona Cruise Nights from Ramona Chamber of Commerce, provided and produced the sound for the 2016 Ramona Country Fair, 2015 and 2016 Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, and has promoted and supported our local business.

Ramona Town Radio is a very proud and active member of Ramona Chamber of Commerce with our owner Eric Vellone being elected to the Ramona Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Supporting Local and Small Business

We realize that the small business owner, such as business’s in the rural areas of San Diego, don’t have a large advertising budget; if any. We have adjusted our advertising prices to reflect this and to give our customers the most effective advertising for their dollar. The advertising plans we have will give business the most coverage to reach the people that matter most, and it won’t break the bank.

Here at Ramona Town Radio we believe in doing business face to face, and actually KNOWING our customers. The team at Ramona Town Radio are always available to talk to and answer any questions you may have.

Listener Demographics

The demographics of our listenership and website views vary month to month. Here is a breakdown on averages of the Ramona Town Radio website and radio station.






San Diego



Listener Ages

  • Ages 18-24 7.18%
  • Ages 25-34 17.38%
  • Ages 35-44 26.68%
  • Ages 45-54 24.53%
  • Ages 55-64 15.29%
  • Ages 65+ 8.93%

Listening Device

  • Listening via Desktop 47.39%
  • Listening via Mobile App 45.95%
  • Listening via Tablet 6.66%


  • Male Listeners 54.17%
  • Female Listeners 45.3%

From January 1, 2016, through November 11, 2016, we have had 15,823 new visitors to our website and 1,652,789 hits. That means our numbers are growing significantly and we have a good amount of return visitors & listeners

How do People Find Us?

  • Organic Search via sites like Google or Yahoo 34.24%
  • Directly come to the website via URL 28.89%
  • Social traffic links from sites like Facebook or Twitter 28.24%
  • Referral links from other websites 8.38%
  • Email newsletters 0.26%

Advertising with Ramona Town Radio

Ramona Town Radio offers a few cost effective options for your advertising needs. Contact one of our sales associates to devise a plan that will work for you and not break your wallet. We offer discounts to Ramona Chamber of Commerce members. We also offer easy to manage payment terms with 15 and 30 day billing periods. We accept cash, check, credit card, and PayPal forms of payment.

Located at:

1140 Main Street, suite 114
Ramona, CA 92065


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