RTR In The Mornings – Bitcoin PT2

RTR In The Mornings

Part 2 of our interview learning all about Bitcoin and what it can do for you! Our friend Mike Link from the band Full Moon Light), timed and detailed all the important information you may be interested in.

1:30: How volatile is Bitcoin? When it comes to bitcoin mining however, volatility is your friend!
3:10: Proof that the computers used for mining exist.
6:00: Al shares his experience on how he got on board with Bitcoin mining.
8:30: Why the mining side is the most profitable way to go?
9:15: Other crypto currencies that Bitclub also mines – the 5 most profitable currencies!
13:05: Thoughts on ICO (initial coin offering) markets? Beware of the trading side.
16:50: Is Bitcoin a pyramid/Ponzi scheme? How is $ made off the mining side? What makes the value of Bitcoin? How to convert your Bitcoin profits?
23:00: How will the value of Bitcoin dramatically increase in the future?
27:00: Who invented Bitcoin? Why it’s so powerful? Why is everyone not embracing it just yet?
30:10: How to join Bitclub? How to profit with mining?
35:25: How safe is Bitcoin from being hacked or crashing? Your bank is more apt to getting hacked!
37:05: How many people are involved in Bitclub?
39:20: How can you get invited to join Bitclub? Contact Mike (mrmikey24@gmail.com)
44:35: If more and more people join, does it affect how much profit you can make since only so many Bitcoins are being mined?
45:40: The difference between buying Bitcoin on the market or buying through mining.
48:10: There is such a thing as a Bitcoin IRA approved by the IRS
49:00: How to get on the mining side of Bitcoin and make $ every single day!


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